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Cotham Gardens Primary School

A Co-operative Academy

Home Learning Set 1.3.19

Ten Minute Tests



SPaG-  Set Test 1 (if not already completed.)

Reading- Set B Test 1

Maths- Set B Test 1



SPaG- Set B Test 2

Reading- Set B Test 1

Maths- Set A Arithmetic & Set B Test 2

Dates for the Diary:


There will be two SATs and camp meetings. Each meeting will discuss SATs and camp (not one meeting for SATs and one meeting for camp). The first will be on the 12th February at 6pm and the second will be on 21st March at 4pm. Both meetings will either be in 6A or 6J. We hope to see you there.


Year 6 enjoying some pirate maths.  Don't worry, it wasn't too haaarrrrrrrd!

Welcome to Year 6

 Welcome to the Year 6 web page. On this page, you will find lots of useful information: key dates for trips, letters, a curriculum overview and lots more! Year 6 is a fantastic year and the children will have lots of opportunities to showcase their range of skills and talents. If you have any questions about your child's learning, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Jarman (young or old!). We are both looking forward to a fantastic year :)

Messrs Jarman and Jarman

Literacy and Numeracy Term 4

In this section of our web page, we will provide regular updates regarding our Numeracy and Literacy content. We will endeavour to supply the information before we teach the content which will enable parents/carers to chat about it with their children if they wish.


Literacy:  Two allegorical stories, one of a boy named Africa and one of a captive Alaskan wolf who has only one eye, Blue Wolf, merge through a unique device in this unusual tale by French author Pennac: the boy and wolf communicate solely through eye contact. The boy mysteriously appears at the wolf's cage. "He stands there silently, without moving a muscle. Only his eyes shift." The boy stays each night until the wolf is asleep and returns before he wakes. One day Africa does something "strange that calms the wolf and makes him feel more at ease. The boy closes an eye." The wolf then tells his story to the boy, through images in his pupil, and their communication slowly melts Blue Wolf's mistrust of humans; this opening up paves the way for another—he can finally open his scarred second eye. As the boy tells his own tale, which, like the wolf's, reveals the cruelty of human beings, readers learn of his gift with animals, from his long desert days upon a camel's back. Through their shared gaze and stories, the boy and wolf forge a kind of kinship and help each other heal. The stark narrative style keeps an intense hold over readers, and the dreamlike mixed-media illustrations in an impressive array of shadowy charcoal tones reinforce the graceful mingling of real and surreal events.


Numeracy:  Within the first few weeks of term, our main focus will be on measurement. These are the objectives from the National Curriculum: 


  • solve problems involving the calculation and conversion of units of measure, using
    decimal notation up to three decimal places where appropriate
  • use, read, write and convert between standard units, converting measurements of
    length, mass, volume and time from a smaller unit of measure to a larger unit, and
    vice versa, using decimal notation to up to three decimal places
  • convert between miles and kilometres
  • recognise that shapes with the same areas can have different perimeters and vice
  • recognise when it is possible to use formulae for area and volume of shapes
  • calculate the area of parallelograms and triangles
  • calculate, estimate and compare volume of cubes and cuboids using standard units,
    including cubic centimetres (cm3) and cubic metres (m3), and extending to other units
    [for example, mm3 and km3].

Curriculum Overview Term 3 and 4

Here you can find information regarding all other aspects of the curriculum for the forthcoming term.

Topic: Our topic this term is ‘Mini-Enterprise.’ Mini-Enterprise gives the children a chance to utilise a wide range of skills in trying to create a profitable craft production business. They work in small groups and design their product. Then, the children decide what materials they need to create their product before producing their product and selling it in the ‘Market Bazaar’.

PE: This term 6J will be  expanding their football skills whilst 6A are improving their American football skills.

RE: Our RE question this term links to Christianity and finding about more about the life of Jesus?

ICT: The children be using computers to research their product for Mini-Enterprise.

French: This term, the children will be expanding their French vocabulary by learning about the world around them.

Updated 10/1/18