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Cotham Gardens Primary School

A Co-operative Academy

Welcome to Year 5!



                Welcome to our Year 5 page. Here you will find aspects of our academic content, homework, websites for learning and useful information such as trips and forthcoming events. We are all looking forward to an awesome year! 

                                                                            Mr Millington, Mr Brett & Miss Young 

Literacy and Numeracy

In this section of our web page we will provide regular updates regarding our literacy and numeracy learning. We will endeavour to provide the information before we teach the content so that parents/carers can talk about it with their children if they wish. 



Children have a knack of asking great, but challenging, questions: Why is the sea salty? How far away is space?  What makes me me? But how are we supposed to answer them? Imagine if we could turn to a leading expert and ask them to answer on our behalf. Why Can't I Tickle Myself is a book that does exactly this and we will be reading  in our Literacy lessons to inform and inspire us to write our own informational texts, explanations and short stories.


We will be focusing our attention on maintaining the correct use of tense in our sentence writing, using concise vocabulary to express greater meaning, We will also be learning how sentences are built from phrases and clauses. 



Targets for learning this term include:

  • To read, write, order and compare numbers  to at least 1,000,000
  • To round any number to the nearest 10,1,000, 10,000 and 100,000
  • To add and subtract mentally increasingly large numbers.
  • To add and subtract numbers with more than 4 digits using formal written methods

Home Learning


 Every Friday, maths home learning will be set and should be handed in by the following Thursday. The questions and challenges will  reinforce learning that has taken place during the previous week. If your child is not yet fluent on the recall of their times tables, please could you ensure that regular practice of them is taking place at home. The MyMaths site, of which your child has access to, is an excellent online resource to help make the learning of times  tables more fun.


Please choose any three tasks from the learning wall below. (coming soon...)

This home learning will be due in this term on the following dates:

Thursday 20th September

Thursday 11th October

Thursday 2th October

If your child would like to do more of the learning challenges, this is absolutely fine!


Spelling word lists will be sent home every Friday and should be  learnt using the Look, Say, Cover, Write spelling strategy as part of home learning. The children will be tested on these words the following Friday. Please encourage your child to practice the words on a daily basis as this is proven to help children retain spellings in the long term.



Curriculum Overview

Here you can find information regarding all other aspects of the curriculum for this term. 


In term 1, our exciting topic is Mysterious Materials where children will be finding out about the properties of solids, liquids and gases though a series of exciting experiments and investigations which will include making some non-Newtonian alien slime,  inflating a rubber glove through a chemical reaction, constructing a lava lamp and making  home-made thermometers!


In our PE sessions we will be learning how to play netball and working on ourpassing, receiving, positioning and shooting skills.


We will be going on a space voyage and learning David  Bowie's Space Oddity. Having landed on an alien planet, we will use the features of Space Oddity to write a song about an encounter with an alien being. We will use synthesizers to add special effects to our song. 

Art and design:

Having gained knowledge about solids, liquids and gases at the atomic level in our science sessions, we will be studying the art genre of molecular art with the aim of creating our own visually exciting molecular art masterpieces.


We will be exploring the Islamic faith and in particular finding out about the Quran


Our Jigsaw topic this term is titled Being Me.In this unit we will be celebrating individuality and identifying our rights and responsibilities as a citizen and as a member of the school and class.


Children to develop their online set of protocols in order to keep safe online.
Children to  recognise inaccuracy and bias on the web and evaluate websites for
their validity




Details of our Year 5 camp trp to the Dean Field Studie Centre will follow shortly.


Meanwhile, here are some photos from last year's camp trip to the centre for you to enjoy!